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Sorry for barely posting over the last couple of weeks. Schoolwork and sickness took my time and energy, and that left me in a bad place mentally. But I am back now, and while the frequency of regular new word posts probably won’t increase, some exciting ideas have been fermenting in my head. (Fermenting? There must be a better metaphor than that. Alcohol smells. Anyway…)

For some preliminary testing, have any of you seen/read Demon Slayer or Vinland Saga

Episode 19. THE episode. The episode that’s become the most talked-about thing in anime… Just wait a moment while I rewatch it AGAIN.

ASMR for the eyes. I was going to put Thorfinn jumping, but the file was too big, so I guess you’ll just have to watch the show yourself 😉


Oh, and I’ve changed my profile picture! No more cheery Fū from Samurai Champloo, now I am unimpressed Tomioka. You know, I think Tomioka is my spirit animal.

Cinnamon roll.


So anyway, that’s what’s up, and I will see you soon with a post for which this picture is a teaser:

Have a great day!