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  1. superficially plausible, but actually wrong
  2. misleading in appearance, especially misleadingly attractive

‘Many held the specious belief that Smile was only an average player.’

synonyms: misleading, deceptive, false, fallacious, unsound


You may have noticed that I only posted three words last week. My school workload has been increasing a lot lately and I haven’t had the time to write so many posts. Because of this, I’m formally changing the post frequency from six words a week to three. It sucks, but just have so many assignments at the moment. 

On a brighter note, this week’s theme is Ping Pong: the Animation.

Every year, students from all across Japan gather for the inter-high table tennis competition to achieve national and international stardom. Through intense training and competition, only the very best persevere.

The series stars Peco, who is incredibly talented but is too proud to practise, and his friend Smile, a robotic and unmotivated but highly skilled player. Their main opponents also get their own motivations and development.

While the animation is in an unusual style that dissuaded a lot of people from watching it, the story, writing, and direction are brilliant. More on that tomorrow.

Have a great day!