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  1. the revival of something that has been dormant
  2. another term for Renaissance

‘It was the renascence of Smile’s enthusiasm.’


Let’s get straight into the most obvious aspect of Ping Pong: the animation. (See what I did there?) It’s undoubtedly weird, but for me it didn’t detract from the story and there are parts of the animation I really like – like the reflections on Wenge’s sunglasses or the simple backgrounds. The direction is very good, with frames being divided into manga-esque panels and plenty of classic sports anime metaphors. I guess the only aspect of the show’s visuals that really annoyed me was the Katase table tennis club captain’s hair. (What was with that??)

What makes Ping Pong so good, though, is its characters. They have a variety of motivations and personalities that play off each other in entertaining ways. These motivations drive the entire plot, with table tennis acting only as a tool to pit them against each other. It’s incredible how well the characters come through despite there being very little internal monologue. The writing’s brilliant.

As long as you don’t hate the animation, this is definitely a series to watch.

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