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Presented by State Library Victoria

Petition to declare a climate emergency


Hello fellow Aussies!

As you are probably aware, the government is pretty… let’s just say bad when it comes to taking climate action. In order to combat this, someone has created an official petition asking them to declare a climate emergency and to actually do something about resolving it – rather than making the deals that will get them short-term money, as they seem to be doing now.

Here is the petition. You’ll need to enter your name and email, and then confirm your email. It’s on the actual government website (see the ‘.gov.au’ in the URL), so cybersafety shouldn’t be a concern.

I urge you to sign this, not just for yourself but for everyone who is being impacted by climate change (which is everyone…), and for everyone who wants to stand up and make a difference. You have a chance to do something small that could have a massive impact. So please sign, and let’s hope the government chooses to listen.

Thank you, and have a great day.




The petition closed yesterday (16 Oct) after amassing over 400,000 signatures! Thank you for your enthusiasm, everyone, and let’s hope our voices are heard!




I already signed it before a few days ago before I saw this but yes everyone, go sign it, it’s probably for the biggest crisis humanity has yet faced!

2w ago


3d ago

Let's sign this thing!! XD

2w ago

Enthusiasm for the win! XD

3d ago

Thanks ellipsis for promoting this! Did you go to the Climate Strike?

2w ago

Thanks to some bad coincidences I couldn't, but hopefully this post will help :)

3d ago
inky Centre for Youth Literature

Let's do whatever we can! Thanks for sharing ellipsis!

2w ago

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! This is actually the first official e-petition I've seen(and signed), the others are usually on change.org

1w ago

I only saw your post today but I did sign a while ago.
I think it is really cool you’re promoting this.

2h ago